Avian Welfare Canada Inc.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


 Parrot School Weekend Retreat


Education and fellowship for people who love parrots

and a chance to support Avian Welfare Canada’s birds in care




Introduction to Parrot Care:

Small, Medium and Large Parrots


Date: Saturday, February 23rd  

Time: 1:00pm – 4:00pm,

starts 30 minutes before start of class 


Saturday afternoon we discover how to meet a parrots’ basic needs (psychological, nutritional, environment, enrichment) and develop more effective communication through understanding a bird’s body language. Many of the behavioral issues we deal with on a daily basis have their roots in deficiencies in one or more of these areas.


This is a combined class and covers both the Small parrots (Budgies, Lovebirds, Cockatiels) and the Medium and Large birds. 

Cost: $15.00

Parrot School: Behaviour I 


Date: Sunday, February 24th  

Time: 10:00am – 5:00pm 

starts 30 minutes before start of class  

Behavior 1 aims to empower participants to develop a respectful and communicative relationship with parrots.  Students will examine how problem behaviours are created, maintained and resolved using the most effective and least invasive methods. 


This full-day workshop will be presented through lecture, audio-video and live bird demos. Students will be expected to participate actively in teaching scenarios and group discussion. 

*Students must have attended a Parrot School: Intro class to be eligible for this class. 

Cost: $125 new registrants

Refresher: $25 B1 alumni

Refreshments and light lunch will be provided



Fundraising Dinner 


Date: Saturday, February 23rd  

Time: 5:30 – 9:00


Join us Saturday evening to eat, meet and mingle with other “parrot people”. Come early for Bird Talk and Baking – a silver collection coffee and treat event sponsored by Wings Birdsitting. Help support our birds-in-care by purchasing something from our merchandise table and entering our silent auction and 50/50 draw. Cash only please!

Cost: $15.00 



Bird Talk and Baking: 4:00 (Silver collection)




Retreat Location:Dakota Lawn Bowls Centre, 1212 Dakota Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba



Register Online:





For more information:

Email: info@avianwelfare.ca

Phone: (204) 233-3610


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