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Recommended Books and DVDs

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 Good Bird Inc.
Books and DVDs
By Barbara Heidenreich

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Titles Include:


Good Bird!

A Guide to Solving Behavioral Problems in 

Companion Parrots!



 The Basics of Parrot Training


 Training Your Parrot for the Veterinary Exam


Train Your Parrot to Talk


Understanding Parrot Body Language



Get Your Bird Back!

What to Do When a Parrot is Lost



Also check out Barbara's Good Bird Magazine 


On Amazon.com:


A Parrot for Life:
Raising and Training the Perfect Parrot Companion
by Rebecca K. O'Connor (Author), April Chmura (Illustrator)   

The Complete Pet Bird Owner's Handbook

by Gary A. Gallerstein



 Parrot-Toys and Play Areas :
How To Put Some Fun Into Your Parrot's Life
by Carol S. D'Arezzo, Lauren Shannon-Nunn


  The Healthy Bird Cookbook
by Robin Deutsch  




                      Dave, Petra and Shelby